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Report of alleged Copyright Infringement CaseID: BR-AB #32

  • Request date

    Wednesday 27th of April 2016 - 04:52:15 PM · GMT +1

  • Removal date

    Wednesday 27th of April 2016 - 06:20:20 PM

  • Action Taken


    This report of Copyright Infringement has been acknowledged and proccesed. Our Designated Copyright Agent have taken action to this copyright complaint. As part of the resolution, the material claimed has been removed from our servers to be the subject of infringing activity.

  • Reference ID


  • On behalf of the following organization

    TVN S.A.

  • Identified copyrighted work material claimed

    TVN S.A.

  • Identified URL(s) on the site where such material has been found

    http://bro.adca.st/stream.php?id=649 · http://bro.adca.st/play/649 ·

  • URL(s) where an authorized example of the copyrighted work can be viewed


  • Screen shot of the live material claimed

  • Agent Name

    Mr Ernest Hetman

  • Company

    TVN S.A.

  • Address

    ul. Wiertnicza 166; 02-952 Warszawa

  • Phone Number

    +48 22 453 36 34

  • Email Address